Permanent aqueous dispersions - Synexil and Winacet adhesives

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We also supply you with durable and reliable Synexil and Winacet adhesives.

Synexil water dispersion is designed to create decorative and protective coatings on wooden substrates. This substance can be used for products on wooden substrates such as:

  • varnishes,
  • stains,
  • varnish stains.

This grout is ideal for furniture making and outdoor structures exposed to changing weather conditions.

The different varieties of Winacet dispersion are widely used in the production of:

  • emulsion paints,
  • apretures,
  • coating plastics.

They are also excellent for surface treatment of leather, paper, fabrics, wood, concrete and artificial leather. We recommend Vinacet products as an ingredient in adhesives or as a finished product.

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Advantages of adhesives based on the aqueous dispersion

At Tomchem, we have been focused on high quality since the beginning of our business, so we distribute adhesives based on aqueous dispersion from respected manufacturers. The products we offer are characterized by safety in use - both for people and for the glued substrate. If you are still thinking about ordering water-based adhesives, we invite you to learn about the biggest advantages of these products:

  • guarantee of a strong and durable bond,
  • ease of cleaning,
  • reliability of bonding,
  • environmentally safe,
  • high performance,
  • flexibility,
  • short drying time.

The way the dispersion glue action is based on physical curing due to evaporation of water, all thanks to polymeric components responsible for the formation of special films just after the evaporation of aqueous components. We sell Synexil and Winacet adhesives which are used in the wood, paper, automotive, electrical or textile industries. Bet on the latest generation of water dispersion-based adhesives today!