Distribution of the road salt, food salt and salt tablets

białe i czarne worki

We distribute salt for various purposes. In our catalog you will find mainly three types of article:

  • food salt
  • road salt
  • salt tablets

Storage and transportation of salt, as well as the caustic soda, soda lye, phosphoric acid, adhesives and other compounds offered by Tomchem is carried out in a controlled and safe manner. Products are packaged in durable and leak-proof containers, so that undesirable substances do not get into them.


Salt tablets

In the catalog of Tomchem wholesale store you will find salt in tablets, used mainly in water treatment plants as well as in heating plants. Tablet salt enables a user to obtain high-quality water characterized by a low hardness. As everyone knows - hard water contributes to destruction of plumbing, heating systems, water tanks, boilers or household appliances so it is important to soften water regularly. For this purpose, specialized tablet salt is used which dissolves evenly, efficiently reducing the degree of the water hardness.


Table salt - properties and applications

We offer food grade salt, otherwise known as the kitchen salt. This product is an almost pure form of sodium chloride for food use. Table salt is used primarily for:

  • enhancing the taste of food,
  • preserving food,
  • removing dirt.

Food grade salt is applied in many industries - including confectionery, bakery, butchery, dairy, catering, cheese making or fruit and vegetable processing. However, it is worth knowing that the salt we offer is also used in medicine or the cosmetic industry.

For years, we have been working with business customers from Łódź and the surrounding area who are looking for high-quality, natural salt of various grain sizes. We sell fine and coarse-grained salt. These are carefully selected crystals of rock salt ensuring the right taste of dishes.

We can offer our customers food salt produced from a salt solution coming from the exploitation of natural rock salt deposits. It is a product with a snow-white color and a fine texture. Importantly - after dissolving in water it does not leave a residue. This is a product with the necessary approvals, so you have a 100% guarantee of safety and quality.


Road salt - an excellent anti-slip agent

At Tomchem we supply high quality road salt, which is perfect as an anti-slip agent. It is used especially during cold weather on roads to create optimal driving conditions and thus, to ensure safety. Road salt dissolves the ice and, at the same time, creates a rough surface that increases the grip of the wheels to the ground.

In our catalog you will find road salt containing at least 90% sodium chloride. Cooperation with us is a guarantee of attractive prices and fast completion of the order. We will deliver the ordered goods as soon as possible!