What do you need to know about the soda lye?

ług sodowy

Sodium lye is a highly corrosive agent that is formed by combining the sodium hydroxide with water. It can occur in liquid or crystalline form. As a liquid it is odorless and colorless, and in crystalline form it is similar to white flakes.


What is the soda lye?

Sodium lye in both crystalline and liquid form dissolves well in water. The solubility of this substance in water is unlimited, it is able to absorb water from practically everything, and in addition, such a reaction releases large amounts of heat. Sodium lye absorbs the carbon dioxide from the air resulting in formation of the sodium carbonate. When the temperature is lowered, crystallization of the solution can take place. The substance is very dangerous to humans, hence, it must be handled properly. If poured on the skin, it can cause extensive burns, and inhaled vapors can cause coughing and a choking sensation. It is necessary to store it in a signed and in a tightly closed container.


Where is the soda lye used?

Soda lye has a lot of properties that make it is used in many industries. It is most frequently used in the chemical industry and the cosmetics industry. Among other things, it is used as a pipe cleaning substance. Many preparations for cleaning traps have sodium lye in their composition. It is also used as a disinfectant as it excellently destroys microorganisms. In addition, due to it, grease can be easily removed from various surfaces. Sodium lye is also successfully used in the food industry as an acidity regulator. Proven industrial chemicals and chemical raw materials that are used in a wide range of industries can be purchased from Tomchem wholesale store.

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