What can be cleaned with soda lye?

biały ług sodowy

Industrial chemicals open up opportunities for us to use agents that we once were unfamiliar with or did not know how to use correctly. Nowadays, without much trouble, we can purchase various chemical products that make our lives easier and more convenient, and we can liquidate many problems immediately. And literally liquidate! Today we will consider what we can clean with soda lye and what it is!


What is soda lye?

Let’s explain what does the name "soda lye” mean. This is important because this name may not be familiar to many people, which does not mean that they do not use this product in their daily lives.

In fact, the sodium lye is a chemical substance that is formed by combining the sodium hydroxide, or NaOH, with water. It should also be noted that the aforementioned lye is a highly corrosive substance and, if used improperly, can be dangerous to the human health.

Although the name "soda lye" may sound foreign to us, it is actually one of several names for the same product, which we may know simply as the sodium hydroxide or the caustic soda.


What can we clean using soda lye?

Already knowing what the soda lyeis, probably each of us associates it with a pipe cleaner and drain cleaner. As a highly corrosive agent, it is ideal for such tasks. However, this is not the only application of this product.

Soda lye is an excellent disinfectant product. This is why it is used in many industries, for example, as a cleaner for beehives and beekeeping equipment, poultry farms and chicken houses as well as in brewing industry, as a cleaner for fermentation containers. Obviously, it also has a more common use, that is, it can be used to clean a heavily dirty bathroom. This is because soda lye is good at destroying microorganisms, dissolving proteins and removing grease from surfaces such as bathroom ceramics, among others. However, it must not be used on items made of cast iron, aluminum or tin.

Soda lye can also be used when washing driveways or driveways and paths that cannot be simply cleaned with the pressurized water. The agent is also ideal for removing old paint finishes from furniture.

In short, it is worth noting that the soda lye is a very versatile substance that is very useful at home!