What effect does the hydrogen peroxide produce?

roztwór nadtlenku wodoru

The hydrogen peroxide is an inorganic chemical compound. It occurs in the form of a colorless liquid and it is soluble in water. Due to its properties it has a very wide range of applications. It can be used in cosmetics, medicine, but is also often used at home. Let us explain its effects.


Wide application of the hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a substance with the H2O2 formula. It is valued mainly for its strong oxidizing properties. In its pure form it is not available commercially, but a 3% solution of it can be purchased, under the name of hydrogen peroxide water (solution). Hydrogen peroxide solution is mainly used to disinfect wounds and, when diluted with water, to rinse the mouth when there is inflammation. When it comes into contact with biological material, the peroxide solution breaks down into oxygen and water, foaming the area around the wound. Hydrogen peroxide molecules penetrate cell membranes. They inhibit proliferation of viruses and oxidize toxins and bacteria. In addition, the hydrogen peroxide accelerates wound healing. It is a substance that is found in every organism. It supports many bio-processes and is involved in the metabolism (process), metabolizing proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. It also participates in works of the endocrine and enzyme systems. In cosmetics it is used mainly because it is beneficial to the skin. It accelerates blood circulation, has an antibacterial effect and strengthens blood vessels. It helps to treat acne and soothes inflammation. Due to the fact that it breaks down fat deposits it supports a struggle against bothersome cellulite. It is added to many oxygenating face creams, which also have anti-aging effects. Stronger solutions of the hydrogen peroxide are used as bleaching agents in household chemicals and in hairdressing for coloring and bleaching hair. The chemical industry uses a 30-35% hydrogen peroxide solution, while 85-98% solutions are used as an oxidizer for rocket fuel and submarine fuel. Proven substances can be purchased from chemical and industrial chemical wholesale stores.