How to remove mold using soda?

srebrna bateria w łazience

Finding a mold at home is certainly not difficult, especially in rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen. However, we must realize that it poses a threat to the health of those who live in such conditions. Effective getting rid of this problem is possible. There are many excellent methods, including home methods. So how can you remove mold using the soda?


Soda is an excellent cleaner.

If we take a little look at home and eco-friendly cleaning methods, we find the soda in many applications. Some believe that it can compete with industrial chemicals. Its application is very simple. First of all, we need to turn it into a form that makes cleaning possible. So it is best to add water to the soda in a bowl. However, there must not be too much of it, a thick paste should be formed. Now there comes time to find the places that have been affected by mold, very frequently these are joints or the area around the bathtub or sink. We carefully apply our paste to all these places and leave it for up to half an hour. Then it's a good idea to use a soft brush and remove the paste by rubbing or light scrubbing - this way the mold disappears and the cleaned surfaces are perfectly clean.

Soda has extensive cleaning properties and perfectly neutralizes mold. If we use soda regularly to clean our bathroom, then the mold will certainly not appear and we can be sure that it is clean and safe for our health.


What if the soda doesn't help?


There are situations when the soda is not enough, and this is usually the case in heavily neglected spaces. Sometimes the best solution is to renovate if the mold has already penetrated very deeply. However, in some cases it is possible to remove it with chemicals, such as those containing chlorine. So remember that home methods are a good solution, but they will not work in every situation. The most important thing, therefore, will be to match the appropriate agents to the specific application and location.