What can the oxidized water be used for?

zadrapania na dłoni

Hydrogen peroxide solution is nothing more than a 3 percent aqueous solution of the hydrogen peroxide. It is most often obtained due to the anthraquinone method, which involves oxidizing 2-ethyl-9,10-anthracenediol with gaseous oxygen passed through a solution in a mixture of appropriately selected solvents.

Although we commonly associate this chemical compound with its wound-disinfecting properties, it has much broader applications. All thanks to the hydrogen peroxide, which itself has extremely strong oxidizing capabilities. In this context, the hydrogen peroxide cleans wounds and has a strong antimicrobial effect. In case of nosebleeds it is recommended to place gauze soaked in the hydrogen peroxide solution in the nose. In addition, it is reported that drinking the hydrogen peroxide solution is recommended to destroy parasites, fungi and viruses that settle in the human digestive tract. Moreover, more and more studies are being available regarding the aggressive nature of the hydrogen peroxide solution molecules on cancer cells.


Application of the hydrogen peroxide solution

The hydrogen peroxide solution is not only a great therapeutic agent. It is used, among other things, to produce natural deodorants. When this chemical compound is mixed with baking soda, a bactericidal mixture is obtained and it is worth knowing that bacterias are responsible for the unpleasant smell of sweat. The same substance can be used as a paste with whitening action, as well as a cleaner and discolorant for bathroom grout.

In addition, the hydrogen peroxide solution is used when dyeing hair or discoloring clothes. What seems to be most interesting, however, is the ability of this chemical compound to remove discoloration on the skin. If you have an irregular skin tone, a bath in a solution of the hydrogen peroxide is recommended from time to time.

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